Buying Real Estate 101.

  • Do you need a Buyer’s Agent to purchase real estate?
  • Can’t you just work with the listing agent?
  • Working with the listing agent I’ll get a better deal.

These are some of the questions buyers ask when starting to purchase real estate.  It’s very important to have a strong Buyer’s Agent working for you. That’s right working for YOU.

You want an agent who always has your best interests in mind. Also, you will want to work with someone whos knowledgable about the neighbourhoods and real estate market.

When people go to sell their property they want to work with the absolute best real estate agent they can find.  This way, they will be able to hopefully get the maximum value for their property. This agent they are seeking out will be knowledgeable about the neighbourhood, the real estate market, real estate marketing and has probably sold a few homes before.

But when someone is looking to purchase real estate, it could be their first home, an investment or their fourth. It doesn’t matter, most of the time Buyer’s will work with anyone. The guy they met at Starbucks, their cousin who just got into real estate. You get the point.

Doesn’t it make sense to work with a strong Buyer Agent? The foundation of your investment is set when you purchase when you go to sell you are just reaping the rewards of making a good investment. I truly believe your money is made when you purchase.

This is where I come in, I am your Realtor, I am your Buyers Agent.

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